The People Behind the Myths
Sundog Stories is brought to you by various members of the Galusha Hill Gang, a family of aspiring outlaws who grew up in an old Vermont farmhouse where the lack of electricity and telephone and neighbors forced them to create their own entertainment. Their first formal production was a scene from The Tempest, performed before a highly critical group of teddy bears. The Gang went on to publish a poetry chapbook called Woodsong and to perform as a storytelling troupe called the Galusha Hill Storytheatre. Sundog Stories is their latest adventure.
Robert "Butch" Ponzio - Author
Butch worked as a public defense investigator prior to teaching
Nicholas and Butch 1982
legal and counseling courses at Woodbury College in Montpelier. He holds a Masters degree in mental health law and public administration, and formerly was the editor of Counterpoint, a news and arts quarterly by people with psychiatric labels. For almost 25 years he and his wife, Jacqueline Labate, have lived in the big green woods facing the old White Mountains. His best years so far were those spent as a stay-at-home parent, home-schooling the four youngest of their eight children.
Jacqueline Labate - Co-author of Flying Angels
Angelina Snowflake Labate - Illustrator for Lucky's Dream

"Life is a highway." --Tom Cochrane

Angelina, 17 years old, lives in Topsham, Vermont. She enjoys activities such as snowboarding, drawing, reading, etc., though her real passion lies in dance. This is her first book illustration. She has found that even when she was frustrated, there were still many joys in creating the abstract.

Angelina 2000

Christopher Ponzio - Musician
Christopher lives somewhere between Alpha Centauri and the super stop and shop kwike mart just down the street and around the corner open twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Christopher and Marley 1996

He can bake twenty minute brownies in ten minutes. He can leap tall buildings in one or two good jumps. He can breathe fire from his nose, ears, and other orifices too graphic to mention when the moon is waning over Miami. In his spare time he constructs elaborate palaces made of dragonflies wings and sells them to tourists from Jakarta for pennies. He can usually be seen running naked through a sheep field on CBS during prime time. His only link to the outside world is through a hole drilled in his head to let out the delusions but you can try him at
Daniel Labate - Illustrator (St. Mary's Avenue)

Daniel and Kara 2000

Daniel Labate is an aspiring gourmet, gravity addict and a firm believer in the healing power of laughter. He currently makes his home on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, which he shares with partner Kara Williams and faithful dog Jasper. Future plans include studying photography, world travel and frequent daydreaming.
Matthew Labate - Flash Artist

Matthew lives in San Francisco and is currently working as a freelance web designer, film and video producer/director/location sound, and sometimes cabinet maker. You can visit his online presence at
Nicholas Ponzio - Webdude

Marley and Nicholas 1999


Nik lives in Burlington, VT with his wife and two children.

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