Here's the very first SundogStories Newsletter. It was sent out Thursday, August 17th, 2000.

Since my birthday in early July when Nicholas gave me the gift of a website, has grown beyond Lucky’s Dream to include stories, drawings and music by other members of my family.

Creating together always has been an integral part of living on Galusha Hill. Our first formal project was a scene from The Tempest, performed in 1985 before a highly critical group of teddy bears. In 1987 we went on to publish a poetry chapbook called Woodsong, and in the early 1990s we performed as a storytelling troupe called the Galusha Hill Storytheatre.

But now we are disbursed across time and space, and I believed we’d never again share a project.

Never is a long time, and I am so glad to be so wrong!

As has grown, so has our vision of what’s possible. Currently Jacqueline and I are planning to create an audio version of our novella, Flying Angels, which started out as a story the two of us performed in front of audiences ranging from school children to Elderhostel participants.

We’ve always given our work away, whether it was poetry or storytelling. We’re just beginning to understand the possibilities the Net affords people who want to share their work freely.

We are interested in your thoughts and reactions to our work. So we are inviting you to participate by offering comments and reviews of the stories, art, and music, as well as your reactions to the site itself.

Moreover, each of the novels explores critical social issues of our time. How do you define mental illness? What role should the state play in controlling behavior? How do we respond to violence and oppression? I invite you to share your thoughts to these questions and to raise more of your own in response to Sundog Stories.

There are many changes at the site, which I’ll let Webmeister Nicholas describe.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Robert “Butch” Ponzio



We've put a ton of work into the site over the last couple of weeks. If you haven't stopped by in a while come and see all the new additions. Some examples include:

-- Two new stories: Flying Angels and St. Mary's Avenue are now available for download. And all 3 stories are now available in popular PDF format!

-- Charcoal Drawings by Angelina add great visual dimension to Lucky's Dream.

-- Streaming Audio by Christopher adds intense background music to the entire site.

-- A page for Press and Reader Reviews lets you become part of the Sundog Stories experiment.

-- A search engine now makes it possible to easily locate any word, name or phrase in any of the webpages or stories.

-- A Link-To-Us page with several banners, buttons and the HTML code.

I hope you come visit us again!

Nicholas D. Ponzio


Special thanks to our friend and ally Morgan W. Brown for his invaluable help in spreading the word about Sundog Stories!

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