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Review of Lucky's Dream

"Lucky's Dream somehow encompasses all of the suspense and readability of a popular crime novel, while seamlessly incorporating mythical themes and social consciousness. I especially appreciated the accurate portrayal of mental health and forensic systems in this country, embodied both in the narrator of the story and one of the major characters. Another principle character is a lesbian, representing another little-seen reality in contemporary fiction."

-- Sally Clay
Peer Advocate, Buddhist

Review of Sundog Stories Web site,
Lucky's Dream and Flying Angels 

It is my privilege to have been given the opportunity over the last few years to get to know and visit with the persons behind the myths available at Sundog Stories. I have known Butch Ponzio from the time he took over as editor of 'Counterpoint' when the founding editor, Bob Loomis, died. Previous to that I had been involved as a member of the paper's advisory editorial board when Bob was editor. I also was a contributor of poetry, art, cartoons and articles to that quarterly Vermont publication featuring news and arts by people with psychiatric labels. Butch carried on the rich tradition that was Bob Loomis' legacy and yet also managed to make the paper grow and evolve into an even better and thriving publication at the same time. I enjoyed working with Butch with the contributions for 'Counterpoint' I sent to him for publication. My writing skills are much better thanks to Butch. I have learned much from him. But he wasn't just my editor, we worked as a team.

Butch is a person with much lived experience to share from that are as deep and rich as they are varied. As any good writer or story teller worth their salt, he writes from what he knows, lived, observed or learned from others. Butch doesn't dab his quill in blood though. He doesn't use it as a sword. The well that inks each word and phrasing is drawn from the compassionate heart and awareness he has. I believe his writing shows this and actually speaks for itself. If you find yourself asking how or why Butch does it, it is because he is a story teller in the old tradition of the art.

With Butch, story telling and sharing with others is a way of life for him. He isn't a wanna-be. He is the real thing. His stories come from his gracious soul and life experience which has been deeply enriched and affected by all those around him.

Butch Ponzio has a wisdom that is sadly all too rare these days. He is a survivor. Two of his stories I have personally read are stories about surviving, living life fully and the relationships and passion needed to do so.

A couple of years ago Butch gave me copies of drafts of two stories featured at Sundog They were 'Lucky's Dream' and 'Flying Angels'. Reading doesn't come easy with me. Usually it takes me a long time to get through a book. With both of these stories, once I picked them up I couldn't stop reading them until I was finished with the last page and line. When I had to take breaks to eat or whatever, I couldn't wait to get back to them. They are that good and enriching. Butch has done what few dare to do. In 'Lucky's Dream' he skillfully paints a visual landscape that illustrates places and gives voice to what few have allowed themselves to picture, know, read about, listen to or to ever experience themselves - let alone write about.

I intend to re-read both 'Lucky's Dream' and 'Flying Angels' again. Plus I am looking forward to reading the other offerings at Sundog Stories as well as the site continues to grow.

Just like there is always much more to anyone or any family, there is way much more to Butch and his family as well than one can possibly glean or learn from even amid the offerings from the heart found at this wonderful Web site designed by Butch's son Nicholas. Being from the heart Butch and his family are sharing with the world some of their many talents and gifts freely in the spirit that the Web was intended. We are blessed by Butch's sharing of these stories. We will be much better off when and if we open ourselves to learning what they have to offer us. Especially if we then live our lives accordingly by sharing ourselves, our time, energy, gifts and talents with others as Butch and his family has in many ways. Sundog is simply a virtual stage for this story telling troupe.

All I can say is that you should read these stories for yourself and have the chance to be blessed as few writers or story tellers manage to provide any longer.

Read on, enjoy and grow the better for it.

-- Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont
Thursday, August 17, 2000

Response to Mission Statement

I remember an episode of the Waltons on TV a while ago, I think it was uncle Zebedee; a wise old country man, he was going to give away the secret to his new and very valuable apple crossstrains that he developed over the years to a college. They were planning on paying him handsomely but he responded in thick country drawl, "what the good Lord give me I got free of charge, and I don't want it on my side of the books come judgement day" later in the episode he snuck off into the woods late one night and played solefully on the violin... I loved the song and wished I had a copy of the music-- I plan to tape it if I ever see the episode on again but it reminds me of you all; kind and simple gestures, done from the heart, all posing to create our world a more perfect place. There is a cause for everything, great and small; though we are privy to little. Victor Hugo wrote, " Be like the bird that, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings. "

You are all of such benevolent spirit, a true breath of cool fresh air, and inspiration to us all.

-- Tom Schell


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