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Lucky's Dream - Lucky's Dream - a mystery/crime novel set in Vermont, which examines issues of criminal justice, disability rights and mental illness. Reading Audience: Adults Only

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"Lucky’s Dream is a roller-coaster read you won’t want to put down until its unexpected and satisfying end."
--Robin Maxwell, Author
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and The Queen’s Bastard
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St. Mary's Avenue - Set in Plainfield, New Jersey, the novel explores Italian racism, aging and community, and the personal costs of militarism and war. Reading Audience: Adults, Young Adults, Family Read-Aloud.
Flying Angels - This novella takes place in Orange County, Vermont, in late summer of 1850 when the children of a farm family befriend an itinerant bookseller who is accused of murdering the local storekeeper.  Reading Audience: Middle Readers, Family Read-Aloud.

Random Quote

Hearing his son's laughter always had produced a profound effect on Mr. Russo, for it had affected different parts of him simultaneously. What he'd heard with his ears had been a sound like music. It had been a simple tune made by a flute, perhaps, or a xylophone running quickly up and down the scale of a light-hearted key. What he had felt, however, had come from somewhere deep inside him. He couldn't have said where exactly, but the feeling had seemed to spring from an ancient well of uncomplicated emotion. It had tickled his insides and turned him giddy, like a choice champagne of the spirit. And what he'd thought, over and over again, was simply, "This is my child! This is my child!" St. Mary's Avenue, Chapter 9.