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Lucky's Dream - Lucky's Dream - a mystery/crime novel set in Vermont, which examines issues of criminal justice, disability rights and mental illness. Reading Audience: Adults Only

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"Lucky’s Dream is a roller-coaster read you won’t want to put down until its unexpected and satisfying end."
--Robin Maxwell, Author
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and The Queen’s Bastard
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St. Mary's Avenue - Set in Plainfield, New Jersey, the novel explores Italian racism, aging and community, and the personal costs of militarism and war. Reading Audience: Adults, Young Adults, Family Read-Aloud.
Flying Angels - This novella takes place in Orange County, Vermont, in late summer of 1850 when the children of a farm family befriend an itinerant bookseller who is accused of murdering the local storekeeper.  Reading Audience: Middle Readers, Family Read-Aloud.

Random Quote

Although we were only young boys, we already understood the politics of male adolescence. Simply put, one got power by shaming others. In a group of teenage boys, it didn't matter what you said, for any statement would be met with scorn, ridicule, sarcasm. The game--and it was a political game as old as the world of men--was akin to jousting. The jousts themselves were the bitter and stinging words and epithets, "fag" and "queer" being the most deadly. The boy-knights, in search of their manhood, the holiest grail, wore heavy, defensive armor, not to protect the body but to cover their emotions. When that armor got pierced and one showed that he had been wounded by revealing his hurt feelings, he had lost. What had he lost? Control--the veneer of manhood. St. Mary's Avenue, Chapter 7.